The RWT manufacturing:
Quality made in Austria


Our focus is on toolmaking, mold making, prototyping and assembly production. We also manufacture modern engine components and precision parts on a contract basis at our headquarters in Salzburger Land. We can guarantee fast throughput times thanks to automation with the Hermle RS2 robot system. We have access to modern machinery. In detail, our production ranges from the manufacture of complex turned and milled parts

and cast part machining incl. model setup and casting blank procurement, high-precision grinding work (external cylindrical, internal cylindrical, face, non-circular, thread and form grinding as well as straight and helical gearing and bevel gears), honing and finishing, through to wire erosion and the reproduction of engine parts (e.g. for classic cars: connecting rods, camshafts, housings, etc.).

Our maxim: Highly efficient and modern

Thanks to our efficient work preparation, our state-of-the-art machinery and efficient quality assurance, we can offer our customers high-quality products at competitive prices in very short lead times.

We manufacture everything from simple bolts and engine components to precision parts for the aircraft industry.

Our strengths also include mold making. We have already designed and manufactured numerous molds according to customer requirements and delivered them to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

highly qualified

m2 production area
at the Rußbach site

Guarantees fast throughput times and the highest quality in production

We meet the high demands in terms of quality and delivery reliability that are required in motorsport. This also confirms our good and successful cooperation with well-known companies in the motorsport scene. We manufacture parts made of aluminum, magnesium and even high-end parts made of titanium and steel.

We guarantee very fast throughput times thanks to automation with the Hermle RS2 robot system. This is made possible by our fast CADCAM programs (ProEngineer, GoElan) on the one hand and our modern machinery on the other. We process aluminum, magnesium, various types of steel up to titanium and plastics. Our particular strengths are complex components (connecting rods, crankshafts, housings, gear wheels, etc.): Whether machined from the solid or cast or forged parts.

Pinion shaft

Toothed & ground component for aircraft engines

3D milled parts

for motorcycles

Crank drive

machined from the solid (crank webs, crank pins and connecting rods)

3D-milled chassis parts

for motorcycles